I've played on...
The Van-Dells Live At The Grand Victoria Timpani 2000
The Van-Dells Presents From The Past Percussion 2004
VanGo Volume One Percussion 2008
The Van-Dells Signed, Sealed, Delivered Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Production, Horn Arrangements 2008
Out Of Phase Out Of Phase Drums, Vocals 2008
To The East To The East Drums, Percussion 2009
Albert Earl Crabtree South Side Blues Drums 2009
Out Of Phase  Acoustic Percussion, Vocals 2009
Andrew Varner Dream Awake-Single Drums 2010
Matty Monk On My Own Drums 2011
Andrew Varner End Of Me - Single Drums 2012
The Van-Dells Jump, Jive, An Wail Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Production, Horn Arrangements 2012
Andrew Varner Shades Of Red Vocals 2013
Jutt Huffman I'm Free - Single Drums, Percussion, Production 2013
Don Pedigo The Cross Eyed Sessions  Drums, select tracks 2014
Jutt Huffman Living For Your Love Cajon 2015
Jace Everett Trio Live At Alex The Great  Drums, Vocals 2015
Jace Everett Best Of.. Drums, Vocals 2015

Andrew Varner Drums 2009-2010
To The East Drums 2010
Hotel War Drums, Percussion 2010
VanGo Drums 2011
Crystal Hoyt Drums, Percussion 2011
Aaron Goodvin Percussion 2011
Matty Monk Drums, Percussion, Vocals 2012
Human Drums, Percussion, Keys 2013
Jutt Huffman Drums, Percussion 2013
Erica Sunshine Lee Drums, Percussion, Keys 2013
Daniel Sanchez Percussion 2013
Shane Piasecki Drums, Percussion 2013
Kevin Simonelic Drums, Percussion 2013
Nate Bradley Drums, Percussion 2013