Recent Record Releases!

Lately there have been two records that have come out, and I have played on!

First is "The Cross Eyed Sessions" by Don Pedigo. This was a fun record that we did at Sixteen Ton in Nashville, Tn back in January of 2013. There are a lot of great players on the record! Grady Saxman and I share the drum chair, Kevin Simonelic on Bass, and Mark Cohn on keys. Don is a great writer and guitar player, and the album has an americana/ country vibe to it. I'll actually be hitting the road with him again in a few weeks, and looking forward to it! 

You can purchase his record here -
Above is a picture from a gig with Don Pedigo

Next up is Jutt Huffman's new record called "Jutt LP". I'm on track 7 and 9, titled 'I'm Free' and 'Living For Your Love'. 'I'm Free' we did in my home studio here in Nashville, Tn. This track features Chris Condon on guitar, Kevin Simonelic on bass, and myself on drums and percussion. We had a lot of fun doing this track, and has a cool vibe to it! I also recorded my cajon part that I did for 'Living For Your Love' in my studio!

You can purchase them here -


Lately I've been in the studio producing my dad's debut original album. We've had a blast making the record, and hope to have it out this summer!

Another recent record that I did is the new "Jace Everett: Live At Alex". This should also be coming out this summer.

I will make sure to let everyone know when each of these come out!

Also, just wanted to say thanks to all of my friends at the companies that have supported me over the years. Thanks to Paiste Cymbals, Promark Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, Puresound Snarewires, Humes and Berg Cases, Kelly Shu, Snare Weight, Westone Audio, Swan Percussion, Conjure Media Group, and Vintage Logo's Custom Drumheads!!

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